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Fifty Shades of Ridiculousness

Of course, like most stories in my life, this happened because I got drunk and made a stupid decision. Despite my saying that I would never ever read this trash novel, I found myself drunk and bored in the hostel bar with it staring at me from the hostel bookshelf and so I succumbed. And because I had started it, of course, I had to finish it. Once I was done I had some incredibly mixed feelings about this book especially since so many people have read it and loved it and it has now been made i

Kosovo Hostels - Hostelz.com

A new and small country, Kosovo has had an interesting recent history. After being occupied by the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans, Kosovo then was part of Yugoslavia and had to fight with the other countries to gain its independence and freedom. The Serbians, however, were not willing to part with this land, creating a large conflict. Approximately 95 percent of the Kosovo population are ethnic Albanians, descendants of the Illyrian people, yet Serbia still staked its claim to the land. Ethnic

10 Steps To Doing Life Like That Awesome Dude Charles Darwin

My friend and I trekked on bus and train to get to the far reaches of the town of Downe, UK. The historical importance of this place is that it was home to Charles Darwin and was the place where he not only sat and wrote his famous book ‘On The Origin Of Species’, but where he did a load of investigations for the book and where he raised his family. What I did not expect was just how much of a freakin’ awesome dude Darwin was in his life. So here is some shit I learned about that Darwin guy and

Shit I Learned In Egypt

Egypt is an incredible country and one that both wowed and intrigued me, which is a pretty big thing for me these days given how much of a get around I am. I learned quite a large amount of shit while I was here, so here it is! Enjoy! La – no. A word that again is quite frequently used and also quite frequently interpreted as ‘yes’. This is nothing new in the land of travel, especially with hawkers and shop owners. Yalla yalla – let’s go, lets go! Said anytime you are going somewhere. Heidi l

Tasmania Hostels - Hostelz.com

Tasmania. Home to some of the most incredibly pristine scenery in Australia and yet a place that most backpackers tend to 'forget' about as it is the island at the bottom. You can get cheap flights to Tasmanian into Launceston or Hobart from Melbourne if booking in advance. Your other option to take a car on the Spirit of Tasmania. If on a budget and going for a week or less, it's better to fly and rent a car as the boat can be expensive. To travel Tasmania properly you will need a car. The publ

5 Different Ways to Challenge Yourself Daily

“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man” – Sean Connery. Most people reading this aren’t off in the grand world traveling and constantly having different challenges thrown at them everyday like I usually do. And I currently am not off gallivanting around the world with all the wonder that change and the road offers right now myself. But there are different things that I do at least one of everyday to challenge myself and keep the stagnant at bay! Try to incorporating the

What I Reckon: Being Single In Your 30’s.

Being single in your 30’s is shit. Let’s be real here for thirty seconds. You’re at that age where everybody expects you to settle down and get married and have children. And you are confronted with two realities… Now while there is a possibility that I will reach the point where I decide option 1 is the way to go…. (give me a few more years of dealing with arseholes on the dating circuit and this will happen believe you me), I would like for this blog to mostly address point 2. I know you are

Hostel Giovanni's Home - Naples, Italy Reviews - Hostelz.com

Hostel Giovanni's Home is the best of a hostel and a home stay combined with fabulous Italian hospitality! The Location The hostel has a great location, close to loads of the major attractions in the Old Town. It is also close to two different metro stations, which allow you easy access to the main train and bus stations, and also to trains to get you to Pompeii and Vesuvius. Rooms and Bathrooms There are two bedrooms here -- a boys dorm room, and a girls dorm room. The roo

Actual Danger vs Perceived Danger: Tips For Travel Safety

A common conversation I have with people about travel usually winds up going something like this: Person: “Like, I just don’t understand why you would want to go there, it is like sooooo dangerous and people get shot at and stabbed by cartels and there is just such a huge drug problem that you will never survive there. It is just too dangerous. You’re crazy!!” This ‘perceived’ idea of danger in other countries is in many cases ridiculous. Yes it is dangerous in some areas of the world. There a

The Worlds Wackiest Museums

I’ve travelled about quite a lot and at the time of writing I have hit about 54 different countries. During this time I have done a whole speight of museums and some of them have been just downright odd. So here are just a few of the world’s wackiest museums that I myself have been to. This entire museum is dedicated to one man’s collection of devil statues. There are devil masks, devils fornicating, devils drinking vodka,  devils of all nationalities, paintings of devils… you get the idea. So

Launceston Backpackers Hostel Reviews

Launceston is a pretty and quaint town with a lot to offer. Located on the Tamar River and with a population of a hundred thousand people, it is the second-largest city in Tasmania and offers a small-town feel in a city setting. Hostels in Launceston are mostly located in the downtown vicinity or nearby, allowing walking access to most of the amenities. Many of the Launceston hostels are located above pubs, if you are keen to experience the buzzing nightlife that kicks on seven days a week, espe